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16. 3. 2011 07:00 Vladimír Krupa Komunikace

Od japonské firmy NimbleHost jsem koupil šablonu, kterou po modifikaci používáme na webu ceskesdruzeni.cz, nebo na sborových stránkách hradec.ceskesdruzeni.cz. Překvapilo mne, jaký mají Japonci stále pěstovaný smysl pro povinnost, bez ohledu na přírodní katastrofy, které je potkávají.

11. března 2011 jsem obdržel email od japonské firmy NimbleHost.

As you may have heard by now, Japan suffered a severe earthquake today. We were forced to leave the office for the entire day, and have only just returned – even so, even as I write this email, we’re still experiencing strong aftershocks, and some utilities have yet to be restored.

Fortunately, our preliminary checks show that all equipment, data, and backups are safe and sound, but we will be working in a very limited capacity for the next several days, at least.

Please keep this in mind when sending us RapidWeaver related support queries over the next week or two. I promise we will do our best to respond as quickly and promptly as possible, but it will take us longer than usual to do so.

Many thanks for your support and understanding.



A note for our domain & web hosting customers: All domain and web hosting related services are completely unaffected. Only RapidWeaver related support is affected.

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